• Competencies at WLC High School

    “A Journey to Excellence”


    Why is WLC moving toward Competency-Based Education?

    WLC is adopting a competency based education, along with the other districts in NH, because it supports self-directed learning and promotes the development of problem solving skills and creativity. It individualizes education to meet the needs of each student.

    Competency-based education supports and reflects the WLC High School beliefs about learning and learners: that “WLC believes all children learn at different individual rates and times and under different teaching and learning situations. We work together to help them become creative, future- oriented problem solvers who will take responsibility for their education, live and learn in harmony, and be involved in their school and their community.”

    What is Competency-Based Education?

    Competency Based Education focuses learning on identified learning targets. Credit is earned by demonstrating a defined level of proficient on the competencies rather than the amount of time a student spends in the course. It is not about the student "getting work done" but rather about the student demonstrating or showing learning.

    What is a competency?

    The expected content, concepts, and skills to be mastered in a course. (N.H. Department of Education, 2006)

    What impact will this have on student education?

    The use of course level competencies will give teachers, students and parents more focused information about student achievement.  Educational outcomes will be concretely defined and instruction will be focused on student mastery of these outcomes.  Assessments will require students to apply critical thinking skills and reflect a depth of knowledge.


    To Learn more visit CompetencyWorks.orgNH Department of Education, and an article published in The Journal, New Hampshire Schools Roll Out Competency-Based Learning Model.