Student Learning Expectations Portfolio

  • The State of New Hampshire has identified behavioral qualities or habits of mind that students need to be successful in college, carreer, and life.  The WLC Learner Expectations reflect the state's work and the priorities of WLC.  The Student Learning Expectations Portfolio provides high school freshman, sophomores, and juniors the opportunity to reflect on and record their growth meeting the WLC Learner Expectations and New Hampshire's Work-Study Practices.  Students add school projects that showcase their growth in the areas of Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Self-Direction, and being a Responsible Citizen and reflect on the extent to which they used these skills in the projects they add.  

    New Hampshire's Work-Study Practices are a part of the state's competency-based system of education.  The practices themselves were identified as "those behaviors that enhance learning achievement and promote a positive work eithic such as, but not limited to, listening and following directions, accepting responsibility, staying on task, completing work accurately, managing time wisely, showing initiative, and being cooperative."  By senior year, WLC students will document proficiency in all five Student Learning Expectations.