Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative Middle High School

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WLC Starts the Day with a Laugh

Start the Day with a Smile with Mrs. Draper  
This summer,  while school improvements were underway and construction signs were scattered down the hall,  Mrs. Draper wrote a joke on back of a “Caution” sign.  All summer, jokes would appear at random times. As the school year approached, it came as no surprise when Mrs. Ballou asked Mrs. Draper if she could keep the jokes coming.  
That’s why, every morning staff and students are greeted with a joke on a white board by the front of the school. Mrs. Draper commented, “It’s really funny -- kids stop every morning to read the jokes.  They seem to genuinely enjoy them - and enjoy puzzling over the trickier word-plays.”  Teachers too enjoy the humor and the chuckle that starts the day.  When a group of seniors were asked how they liked the jokes, there was a chorus of laughter about how the jokes are the only highlight of the day.  But then Brooklyn Zielie summed it up, “Seriously, the jokes lighten the day. They are great!”  Everyone enthusiastically agreed.