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October Student of the Month - Brody Heiden and Aubrey Lavallee

Brody and Aubrey



Brody Heiden

The student of the month is a fourth grade student in Ms. Reid’s classroom; Brody Heiden.  Brody is a positive role model for all students to follow.  He is very hard-working, respectful, and kind.  Brody participates in all classroom activities including answering discussion questions with thoughtful responses.  Brody maintains good grades by filling out his agenda and turning in his work on time.   Brody not only works hard in his academics but also goes out of his way to be a friend to those around him. He is kind and caring to everyone he meets.  His hard work and consistent kindness are just some of the characteristics that make Brody an outstanding student at Florence Rideout Elementary School.

Congratulations  Brody



Aubrie Lavallee

Aubrie has gone above and beyond this month. She is always looking for extra tasks she can do to be helpful in the classroom. This month she has been getting lunch magnets ready for students to use in the morning, sweeping, and turning all of the lights off in our classroom at the end of the day! Aubrie also takes time to help others when they are stuck. She is respectful to all of her peers. She maintains self-control and helps remind others of the expectations. 


Congratulations Aubrie



Kristi Legere