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Tis' the Season for Reading!!!!

With the holidays upon us, many families struggle to find ways to maintain a consistent schedule for homework and reading.  Here are two quick and easy strategies to help your students practice their reading while enjoying some holiday traditions.

Singing Christmas Carols – Some families enjoy singing carols and this is a way for your students to practice reading.  When you sing carols, simply provide your student with a copy of the words.  Singing will require them to practice their fluency and may even inspire conversations about the words and meanings of the carols.  These conversations can help support their vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Turn the Captions on While Watching Holiday Specials – Many families allow their students to watch some of the holiday specials.  One way to have students practice their reading is to turn the captions on your television during these specials.  By turning the captions on, students can read the words that they are hearing on the TV program.  This strategy has some of the same benefits as reading aloud to your students.

I hope all students and their families have a wonderful holiday season.  And remember, books make wonderful gifts!!!

- Mrs. Cargill