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Winter Weather


With the snow and frigid temperatures, please remember to dress your child appropriately.  Recess is outside every day that the “feels like” temperature is above 12 degrees.  During the winter months, the following outerwear is expected for our students during recess:

  • Students are expected to wear all outerwear that comes from home (hats, gloves, mittens, snow pants, boots)
  • In order to play in the snow, children must be dressed from “head to toe”. Students are expected to wear snow pants and boots if they intend to play on any snow-covered area during recess. This includes the blacktop when it is snow covered or wet.
  • In the event that the black top is completely clear of snow and slush, students then may be on this location in their "everyday" shoes.
  • Students who do not have the appropriate outerwear during snow covered recess times will be asked to stay on the sidewalk. Thank you for your support with this. These expectations limit the wet pants, shoes, and socks that students get when not dressed appropriately, and helps them avoid having those wet clothes for the duration of the school day. 
  • We also ask you to label their clothing. If clothing is labeled, we make every attempt to match it to its owner.