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Destination Imagination Results!

LC-DI had a banner day yesterday at the NH-DI Western Regional Tournament in Swanzey!

Team FRES (3rd grade, orange T's; L-R Team Mgr. Dawn Beam, Sydney Beam, Aidan Sours, Vinnie Anzalone)

Took first place, elementary level, for the Technical Challenge "On Target"! Their solution features a flying squirrel (aircraft) dropping a payload of wood on pre-set targets to build an art school.

Team Wilton Lyndeborough Warrior Cats (4th/5th grade, green T's; L-R Riley Johnson, Evelyn Jones, Madison Hall, Team Mgr. Kerri Jones) took second, elementary level, for the Service Learning Challenge "Escape Artists"! Their service project centered on building shelters for stray cats.

And the non-competitive Rising Stars-Early Learning Team Marshmallow Lava (K-2; L-R Isabel McKowen, Paisley Silva, Abby Hall, Addison Jones, Keira Beam, not pictured Team Mgr. Jen Wight) wowed appraisers with an amazing story about eating too much spaghetti rain while traveling between a real marshmallow castle and a rainbow lava money volcano. The pop-up book castle features over 230 jumbo marshmallows hot-glued to a set they designed and cut out of cardboard themselves.

Congratulations to all! We're so proud of you!!!