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Student of the Month - Kindergarten

Koryn is an incredible Kindergartener who demonstrates characteristics of, not only an            exemplary student, but of an exemplary person. Koryn comes to school each day with a smile on her face! She is organized and eager to learn. Koryn works well with everybody. She is           responsible, compassionate, and trustworthy. She treats adults and peers with the utmost       respect and goes out of her way to make those around her feel included. Koryn serves as an extraordinary role model for her peers and plays a huge role in creating a positive school         environment. I am honored to name her one of Lyndeborough Central School's Students of the Month! 

Emma is a kind, positive and aspiring rock star who will turn 6 years old this month. She tries her best and puts effort into all that she does. She is one of the first students to arrive each morning ready to learn.  When asked how she is, she always says “I’m great!”? Emma always has a smile or hug for her peers and teachers.  She has an amazing attitude and does not let things that are difficult for her dampen her spirit.  She works very hard and is always cheerful. She participates,  is respectful and follows school rules.   All these characteristics and more make her the perfect candidate for Student of the Month!  

It is a pleasure to name Carly Robichaud as our Student of the Month. Carly always arrives at school prepared for our day with a smile and a good morning for her teachers as well as her classmates. She is always ready to get started with the day. She is kind, thoughtful and works well with her friends. She always looks out for a classmate who needs help or someone to play with throughout the day. Carly is conscientious and often pushes in chairs or picks up things for others. She is excited about reading and works really well during Reader’s Workshop. She loves to pick new books to read and share them with her friends. Carly always raises her hand to answer questions and is able to focus on what we are learning. She puts forth her best effort, always behaves appropriately and is an excellent role model for her peers. Carly helps to make our classroom a fun place to be!