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A special thank you!!!

On February 3, 2020 a gentleman, who would like to remain anonymous,  dropped off a check in the amount of $6,224.40 to be used to pay off the lunch debit at Florence Rideout Elementary School. The $6,623.00 is the exact amount that FRES owes for unpaid lunches. 

When he dropped off the check he included a note that he wanted us to share…...  


As a single parent with a child who has gone through the Wilton School system, I recall some tough times.  But, I was extremely lucky and blessed to have had family and close friends as a safety net, helping me through the leanest times. 

Now that m child is grown and my work situation has changed, I am no longer in as tight a financial situation and find myself focusing on personal growth.  Due to the good karma and this new focus, I have felt compelled to give back.  There are some incredible charities out there, but I wanted to give back locally as I am still a part of this wonderful Wilton Community.

As I pen this letter, I have two hopes:

#1.   If you are going through tough times, I hope that this small gesture helps out. 

#2 .  If you are in a good enough financial situation, I hope that you take money saved       and pay it forward. 

I totally believe that it takes a village to raise a child and with so much negativity that we see on T.V. and social media on a daily basis, we need to stay positive for our children’s sake.