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WLC Students Visit Job Corps

Thanks to Amanda Kovaliv and Katie Gosselin, WLC students went on a field trip to Job Corps in Manchester, NH this week. Job Corps is a training facility that is no cost to students and provides ‘on the job’ training in a variety of fields. Some of these programs include: Advanced Manufacturing, Hospitality/Culinary, Health Care (Certified Nursing Assistant, Clinical Medical Assistant and Medical Office Support), Construction (Electrical and Facilities Management), and Homeland Security. Job Corps also offers a residential option for students to live on campus at no charge, which also includes their food/meal plan. Additionally, Job Corps has a recreational facility with various clubs and sport teams. Job Corps assists students with job placement after completing their program and part-time work opportunities during their time at Job Corps. While at Job Corps, students work at their own pace and have two years to complete the program.

Students who attended the fieldtrip were all positive about what they learned.  Most feedback was that they like the variety of career opportunities and the free price tag.