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Congratulations to the Top 10 Students of the Class of 2021!

top ten


Front Row - Left to Right: Chloe Grace, Samantha Yurcak, Christie Lanfear, Anabelle Bergstrom

Second Row - Left to Right: Jacob LeBlanc, Ross Lanfear, Joseph Ntengeri, Samuel Townsend

Missing - Mikayla Broderick and Alexandria Lutz


Anabelle Bersgtrom: University of Connecticut – Political Science

Mikayla Broderick: University of Vermont - Business Administration

Chloe Grace: Keene State College – Art and Business

Christie Lanfear: Case Western Reserve University – Bio/Pre-Med

Ross Lanfear: Lynn University – Aeronautical/Aviation

Jacob LeBlanc: Keene State College – Masters in Music

Alexandria Lutz: University of New Hampshire – Honors English

Joseph Ntengeri: Purdue University – Aeronautics/Aerospace Engineering

Samuel Townsend: University of New Hampshire – Business

Samantha Yurcak:  University of Massachusetts-Amherst – Bio/Pre-Med