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Recycle with the AP Environmental Science Class!

 The AP Environmental Science class is hosting a recycle drive for plastic films! It is supported by the Trex Corporation, and if we recycle enough Trex may just donate a bench made of recycled plastics to the school! Rewards aside, it is extremely important to participate in this recycling project. Plastic films are everywhere in our everyday lives, so you can just imagine how much damage you could be doing to the environment every day from throwing it away. Not only are plastics made from oils which in itself hurts the environment, but can end up hurting wildlife from not being broken down after being thrown away into a landfill. Have you ever seen those plastic rings from cans getting stuck around the necks of aquatic life? That kind of damage. Wrappers, bags, and most pliable papery plastics are being looked for here. An empty chip bag? Give it to the drive! Candy wrapper? That can go to the drive too! Shopping bag? Definitely! Bubble wrap? Go for it! Find whatever you use everyday to give! Even bring things you would normally recycle on your own! This drive is going until the Spring, so we have lots of time to make our own impact in saving the environment! The bins for the drive can be found in the high school atrium, the cafeteria, and in the middle school wing next to the elevator! Get recycling to help make a difference, everyone!