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Joshua Lord was nominated and attended the Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership Seminar this past weekend at St. Anselm College in Manchester, NH. This program is based on HOBY's vision to motivate individuals to make a positive difference. Click to learn more!

At HOBY, high school sophomores explore their leadership potential through their inspiring leadership development programs. State Leadership Seminars are three-to-four day residential programs, typically held on a college or university campus.

Students explore their personal leadership skills and values, and practice those skills while collaborating with diverse groups. They leverage their new abilities as they apply the value of service leadership to make a positive impact in their communities.

Joshua will be attending the 2024 HOBY Leadership Seminar at St. Anselm College May 21st - June 2nd 
"The curriculum for the leadership seminar is based on HOBY's vision to motivate and empower individuals to make a positive difference within our society. HOBY believes students represent the future leaders of the world. By developing and understanding effective and compassionate leadership, HOBY hopes that ambassadors will realize their leadership potential, and take action in their homes, school and communities."