Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative Middle High School

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WLC Mission Statement

  • WLC will strive to be a positive learning community that ensures each student has the opportunity to develop to his or her potential.
    WLC believes all children learn at different individual rates and times and under different teaching and learning situations. We bring the family, school and community together to be accountable for the cognitive, affective, and physical growth of our students. We work together to help them become creative, future- oriented problem solvers who will take responsibility for their education, live and learn in harmony, and be involved in their school and their community.

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Principal's Update



    August 18, 2015

    Dear Parents:

    A new school year is once again fast approaching. We have been working very hard this summer to get the school ready for a great year!  Our first regularly scheduled school day for students is Tuesday, September 1st.

    I’m excited to announce we have several new people joining our staff. Mrs. Molly Moore will be teaching three sections of grade 6 and one section of grade 8 Social Studies. Ms. Erin Lhotsky will be teaching three sections of grade 7 and one section of grade 8 Social Studies.  Mr. Zachary Provost and Mr. Marc Belanger will both be teaching High School Social Studies. Mr. Matthew Barsaleau will be teaching Technology Education/ Industrial Arts. Mr. Alex Kogon will join us as our new Chemistry/Physics Teacher, Mr. Greg Wider will be teaching High School Language Arts and Mr. Tory Rysnik will be our new Alternative Education Professional.

    I’m also excited to announce that we have a new and improved school and district-wide website.  You will find this new website far more user friendly than the previous one. Information concerning our school and district can be found simply by navigating through the pages. Included in this website will be information from the principal’s office, teacher pages, student and parent information, academic information, food service menus, a PowerSchool portal, staff directory, school counseling information, student registration, athletic information, a school calendar, and much, much more. The new website can be accessed at http://www.sau63.org.

    On the first day of school your child will receive the Table of Contents and the Acknowledgement Form for the Student Parent Handbook. Hard copies will be available at your request. Please take the time to access and review the Handbook which is located on WLC’s new website at www.sau63.org and return the Acknowledgement Form to the office by September 10th.

    As you are well aware Wilton Lyndeborough Cooperative High School will be transitioning to Competency Based Education this coming school year. It’s been a four year process that has guided and prepared us to get to this point. This process has included information that was sent home to families, presentations to the School Board and the Co-op Connection, and multiple meetings and discussions with students. Information will be sent home this summer to families of students in the high school explaining what to expect.

    My door will always be open. My job is to serve you and the people of Wilton Lyndeborough Cooperative School District making sure your child/children receive the best education possible. I will be available anytime you have questions.


    Brian Bagley


    Phone: 603-654-8000

    Fax: 603-654-2104

    Email: b.bagley@sau63.org


Technology News

  • WLC Community Members,

    In April of 2015, the district began its plan to improve the WLC network infrastructure.
    The end result will mean more availability of computers to students, improved speed for the internet as well as secure access and compliant protection for the users.

    The process started in April with a wiring company – Tele Techniques. They were contracted to begin the first of a two phased wiring plan. Phase one was to separate our IP phones from our computer network. This process would accomplish two things, first being the phone network would be separate and more organized. Second we would finally get use of Comcast 85 Mbps internet. This means WLC would have faster internet, 10 times faster than we had previously.

    When the wiring drops were completed, Mainstay – our network administrators, connected our new equipment, six 24 port Meraki gigabit switches to the network. These devices would allow us to have a more efficient, better functioning network. This means faster backups and much faster access to documents.

    The wiring project came to an end in early August. Tele Techniques completed the project by adding new drops in the different computer labs in the building. With this, each computer will have its own data port connecting straight to the server room.

    The completion of these projects will greatly improve the technology infrastructure at WLC for years to come. Our students will benefit greatly because of these improvements to the network.

    Karvel Lewis
    WLC Technology Coordinator