Odyssey: A Schoolwide Enrichment Model

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    Odyssey (noun):

    an intellectual quest

    Odyssey, FRES’ schoolwide enrichment model is based on the work of Dr. Renzulli and Dr. Reis at the University of Connecticut.  The model is based on student selection of “courses” or "clusters" around a topic.  ENGAGEMENT is the primary focus.  The role of the teacher is to facilitate the students in the exploration and journey to a personal goal.

  • Students engage in planning, decision making, and assessment as they travel on this intellectual quest.  Many types of learning take place in a cluster, new content, improved thinking processes, and new interpersonal skills.  

    Why is this type of learning important?

    To succeed in the present and future workforce, workers need to work collaboratively, have good communication skills, be innovative and be prepared for constant learning.  Odyssey supports the development of these skills in our students, especially supporting innovation and a love of learning.   For” no one works harder at learning than a curious kid” (Thomas Friedman).

    Odyssey Schoolwide Enrichment Model at FRES

    • For the launch in fall 2015 faculty at FRES selected a school wide theme “Finding the Hero in Me”
    • Every student took an interest inventory which identified his/her preferred learning expression style (such writing, speaking, musical).
    • FRES specialist teachers designed clusters to offer students based on results of the interest inventory.
    • Each student chose from 3 or 4 clusters offered at his/her grade level.
    • Each cluster meets for 8 weeks for one 45-minute period a week.
  • Program Overview

    Odyssey Schoolwide Enrichment Program supports the FRES mission to promote student exploration, critical thinking, and responsible citizenship.

    Program Goals:

    • Developing the individual talents of students using prior knowledge as a starting point to stimulate problem solving and innovation while creating new knowledge.
    • Improving academic success for all students.
    • Enhancing curriculum activities to engage students in meaningful and enjoyable learning.
    • Providing resources to promote continuous growth and excellence in faculty.