• Mr. Peter Weaver
    Superintendent of Schools

    Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative School District
    192 Forest Road
    Lyndeborough, NH 03082
    Phone 603-732-9227 Fax 603-654-6691

    School closings, delayed openings and early releases will be made using district contact information provided.

    Predicting our New England weather is definitely no easy task! There are many factors that influence decisions to close: when will the inclement weather arrive, how will our high school student drivers fare in snowy conditions, are the school buses able to operate safely, are our road crews able to clear and treat streets and sidewalks, and is the facilities staff able to clear the sidewalks, roadways, and school entrances in time for the opening of school. 

    In most cases, a decision will be made in the early morning after speaking with our town road agents and bus company, listening to local broadcasts and reviewing available weather data.  We will make every effort to make a decision by 5:30 a.m. whether we have a 2-hour delay or closing for the day. There may also be times when we believe it is best to have an early release from school; that decision will be made by 11:00 a.m. 

    Once the decision is made, the District will employ available communication tools to get the message out. We will send the message via PowerSchool using a phone call, text message and email. In addition, we will notify WMUR-TV and post on our District’s website.  Safety is always the number one priority in the District. We want to make sure our bus riders, drivers, walkers, and staff are arriving to school safely. Please reach out to me at p.weaver@sau63.org if you have any questions.