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    Statement of Safety

     The Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative (WLC) School District values the health, welfare, and safety of every employee and intends to provide a safe and healthful workplace.  Accidents cause untold suffering and financial loss to our employees and their families.   

    In support of the safety process, the administration recognizes certain obligations:


    1.      That prevention of accidents and protection of all resources are guiding principles.

    2.      That the WLC School District will comply with all safety laws and regulations.

    3.      That feedback will be welcomed from all employees.

    4.      That all employees will follow all safety rules, take no unnecessary chances, use all safety guards and equipment, and make safety an integral part of their lives.


    We all have a responsibility to ourselves, the students, and the community to understand and follow our safety process.  We must be alert in detecting and taking steps to remedy potentially hazardous conditions.  Above all, we must exercise concern for others to help ensure everyone’s safety, well-being, and productivity.       

    Your efforts will make the difference!


    The Joint Loss Management Committee


    SOURCE:  Primex, NH Public Risk Management Exchange, Concord, NH

    April 29, 2005