Current School Board Members

  • Correspondence

    Residents who wish to contact Wilton-Lyndeborough School Board members should direct all correspondence to  Emails received will become part of Board correspondence unless their content involves complaints regarding staff or students. Such complaints will be handled in accordance with policy KE and KEB.


2024-2025 School Board Members

Name Seat Town Term Email
Dennis Golding Chair Wilton 2025
John Zavgren Member Wilton 2027
Geoffrey Allen Member Lyndeborough 2027
Tiffany Cloutier-Cabral Member Wilton 2025
Darlene Anzalone At-Large Member Lyndeborough 2025
Jonathan Lavoie Member Lyndeborough 2026
Cynthia Diane Foss Member Wilton 2026
Brianne Lavallee Vice Chair, At-Large Member Lyndeborough 2026
Michelle Alley Member Wilton 2027