• Town of Wilton

    Wilton, NH is a rural town of approximately 55 square miles located within Hillsborough County. The quaint town is sparsely populated with a mere 3,677 community members (2010 census), which makes us a lovely bedroom community. The town sits on the convergence of the Souhegan and Stony Brook Rivers where the town once boasted a bustling Mill business. Today, the majority of residents commute to surrounding towns to work, including Milford, Amherst, and Nashua. Wilton is a Main Street community with whimsical New England charm that anyone can appreciate. The town has a few wonderful sites of interest that both tourist and community member alike will enjoy, including Andy’s Summer Playhouse, Frye’s Measure Mill, and the Wilton Town Hall Theater, which has been open since 1886. This historic building first showed traveling vaudeville shows and now presents movies of all sorts; from the classic to the modern. 


    Town of Lyndeborough

    Lyndeborough, NH is a rural town of approximately 31 square miles located within Hillsborough County. The tiny population of 1,683 (2010 Census) makes Wilton appear to be a metropolis! The town was named after Benjamin Lynde, Jr. in 1764.  Lyndeborough was especially well known for its blueberries, which were often shipped down to Boston in the early 1800s. Apples were also notably popular. The two industries that did put Lyndeborough on the map in the mid-1800s were glass and pottery. Today, many residents produce maple syrup as their main crop.  Primarily Lyndeborough is a commuting town, with residents working in other local communities.  Those residents who work in Lyndeborough are home-based with both skilled craftsmen and home offices. 

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