• History of SEER

    SEER was proposed by the WLC Scheduling Committee in the spring of 2009.  It was a creative way to meet scheduling goals and, at the time, was unique to WLC.  In recent years area high schools have begun to emulate the WLC model and have implemented a SEER time of their own.  They call it different things, but the intent is the same.

    As schools across the country adopt the Common Core State Standards, we are charged to help students develop a sense of ownership of their education.

    SEER enables students to explore their passions, extend their learning, and reinforce their understanding in order to become self-directed learners.


    What People are Saying

    "SEER is a phenomenal tool for school counselors.  We are able to run small and large group activities and meet one on one with students to discuss academic, social/emotional, and career/college plans without interrupting instructional time." -- Miss O'Donnell, Middle School Counselor

    "I'm never in the same room for the whole period.  I tend to bounce around from room to room  to get extra help from teachers, attend club meetings, and work on my extra curricular activities."  -- Emily, Grade 11

     "I enjoy working with the students during SEER to make real-life films - It's an opportunity to learn as a group what is necessary to finish a video project from conception to screening.  It's a chance to put everything together in context and make something unique and tangible."-- Jim McClure, Producer Betsy's Folly Studios