Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative Middle High School

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  •  Conservation


    Students have created presentations about different ways to protect the environment!

    Click the photo to learn more!








    Astronomy   Click the photo to view Ms. Erikson's Astronomy students' projects!

    They created ThingLink presentations about ancient astronomical sites.

  • Core Values:

    • Achievement
    • Collaboration
    • Diversity
    • Integrity
    • Responsibility

    Beliefs About Learning:

    • All students have the potential to achieve.
    • We inspire lifelong learning and achievement through a broad range of experiences.
    • It is vital to maintain a safe, productive, and inclusive learning environment.
    • We recognize that students, parents and staff share responsibility for open communication to maintain a thriving school community.

    Vision of the Graduate:

    The WLC Graduate will be an effective communicator, a strong collaborator, a creative problem solver, a self-directed learner, and a responsible citizen.