• NH Jobs Corps

    Job Corps provides, 100% FREE housing, food, job training, high school diploma, GED, drivers license, resume writing, job search, job training and job placement!


    * NH Job Corps is 100% FREE for eligible applicants. 

    * We are federally funded and operated under the U.S. Dept. of Labor.

    * There are 121 Job Corps centers nationwide. 

    * The goal of Job Corps is to help underprivileged youngsters obtain financial and educational stability, with the end goal of landing a great paying job, and self-sustainability.

    * The program is primarily aimed toward young people ages 16-24yrs old, BUT if someone has a MH disability, educational disability such as an IEP or 504, or physical disability, the entry age is limitless!

    * Students can be full residential, or commuter students.  We provide 100% of costs to live, train and achieve an education on our center.

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