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    Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative is proud to be the 20th school to join New Hampshire Scholars. New Hampshire Scholars is a federally funded program developed and administered through a partnership between the New Hampshire College and University Council, the New Hampshire Forum on the Future, the New Hampshire Department of Education and the National State Scholars Initiative Network. The program pairs business leaders with classes of 8th grade students prior to the selection of their high school courses. Business leaders present the students with a powerful presentation that provides the rationale for the recommendation that students take a more rigorous Core Course of Study in high school. Students will contract to the program by means of a 4-year planner - a personalized education plan - to complete the recommended Core Course of Studies.

    This year, NH Scholars has adopted new achievement levels.  Students still have the same opportunity to graduate as a NH Scholar.  But we are also offering a NH Scholars STEM Emphasis and a NH Scholars Art Emphasis for those students interested in those fields.  These new pathways are available immediately.  They were added to further challenge students and help in their admission to college. These new pathways have a mimum GPA requirement and more stingent class requirements.  For specific information about the different NH Scholar options, be sure to read the attached information. 

    NH Scholars Pathways

    NH Scholars Stem and Arts Pathways Press Release


    Remember, the Core Courses listed below are required to graduate as a traditional NH Scholar. However, we recommend students complete four years each of science. 

    The State Scholars Core Course of Study is as follows:

    English - 4 years

    College and Career Ready World Literature, or Honors World Literature
    College and Career Ready The Individual in Society or Honors Individual in Society
    College and Career Ready American Literature or Honors American Literature
    College and Career Ready British Literature or Honors British Literature
    or choice of two senior English Electives during senior year 4

    Mathematics - 4 years

    College and Career Ready Algebra I or Honors Algebra I
    College and Career Ready Algebra II or Honors Algebra II
    College and Career Ready Geometry or Honors Geometry 3

    Science - 3 years

    College and Career Ready Biology or Honors Biology
    College and Career Ready Chemistry or Honors Chemistry
    Honors Physics
    Anatomy & Physiology I and Anatomy & Physiology II
    Microbiology: Principles & Practices/Biotechnology/Genetics 3

    Social Studies - 3.5 years

    College and Career Ready World History or Honors World History
    College and Career Ready U.S. History or Honors U.S. History
    College and Career Ready U.S Government & Economics or Honors U.S Government & Economics 3.5

    Languages - 2 years

    Two years of the same language other than English 2


    Students are encouraged to seek experiential learning opportunities or partnerships with businesses.