Senior Project
       The Senior Project provides high school seniors the opportunity to demonstrate their skills as effective communicators, strong collaborators, creative problem solvers, self-directed learners, and responsible citizens.  Each of these skills have been identified as core components of the WLC Vision of the Graduate. 
       Students create essential questions and sub-essential questions to drive their research in an area of interest.  We hope each student follows their curiosity and passion to explore and learn about an area of interest that is new and exciting to them.  Students choose a mentor from the staff at WLC.  The mentor acts a guide in the inquiry process, helping the student with their organization and encouraging the student to keep track of deadlines.  The students are charged with communicating regularly with their mentor and using this relationship to help stay on track.  At the end of the year of exploration, study, and applying their learning, students present their findings in a public setting to a panel for evaluation.  For the last step, students reflect on their learning journey in a final reflection.  
  • Important Resources for Senior Projects

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    Senior Project Handbook