• Thanksgiving at WLC is a big deal!  

    Ms. Clark and her Love of Leftover and Creative Cooking classes work for weeks to put on a meal big enough -- for a school!  (or most of a school, anyway.) Sam Yurcak, a sophomore at WLC, explained to all assembled guests that a lot of creative problem solving, collaboration, and communication go into preparing the meal.  Self-direction helps too, when working out the last minute details and making sure all the dishes are warm and ready to serve. Those lucky enough to join in the meal as it was served (the first time!) marveled at the hard work, skill, and service these students exhibited.  The school’s Student Learning Expectations were on full display all day in Ms. Clark’s room.

    Ms. Clark concluded the opening remarks by presenting a rosemary tree to Mrs. Edmunds, welcoming her and thanking her for being such a positive presence in our community and Mr. Bagley thanked Ms. Clark for continuing the tradition of a WLC Thanksgiving and emphasizing a spirit of service in our school!